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Melanie Sanders is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She decided to study nutrition and start a second career as a dietitian after working in communications for 10 years planning and implementing public relations programs for food and lifestyle companies.  


As her passion for food and nutrition grew, she observed how much confusing and conflicting information is available on how to eat "right.”  Real Food Knowledge was created to deliver factual and straight-forward nutrition information.


On her personal food journey, Melanie has embraced a no-diet approach to nutrition.  Her passion is empowering individuals to create a healthy life that includes a positive relationship with food and body.


Melanie lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, two daughters and french bulldog.  For work, Melanie provides nutrition education and counseling to patients with cancer as part of the Oncology Navigation and Support Services team at St. David's Healthcare.  In her free time, she enjoys writing about food, travel and parenting. 

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